Currently: June

Currently: June 

It’s that time of the month again! I can’t believe June is almost over, time goes way to fast. My son will be starting 3rd grade in Aug. Looking forward to going into July, I have so much planned.

Current Beauty Obsession: OLAY

I love Olay, its the only brand that works with my sensitive skin. I currently brought some Olay Body wash and I just love the smell. Fabulous!!! Ultra-Moisture-Body-Wash-614x1024

Current Music:

I’m getting back into my country music. I love all music, but its been along time since I owned a country Cd. I brought the new Rascal Flatts Cd and all the songs are so good. I highly recommend getting the Cd or get it off Itunes.  One of my favorite songs is Rewind


Current Favorite Shows:

I had to say shows b/c I’m addicted to a new show and my other two favorite shows are coming back on in July. My new favorite show has my man Taye Diggs in it, its called Murder in the First. Witches of East End is coming back on Lifetime for season 2. I swear not all my shows are dark and scary. My second favorite show that is coming back on is Cedar Cove, I just love this show.

cedar cove

Current Favorite Drink: 

As many of you know I love my Eboost and I have it at lunch almost everyday. I have a new drink that I’m totally loving besides water. It’s called Advocare I have been taking it before my runs and I love the boost it gives me. The taste is fabulous, loving the strawberry mango and the sour apple flavors. Ashley from Coffee Cake and Cardio is a distributor and she had some samples to try for $20.00.  Go out check out her blog, she fabulous!!

Current Guilty Pleasure: 

I’m on this Ice Cream kick, but not just Ice Cream in a bowl it has to be on a cone. I’m loving the New York Cheesecake from Edy’s, is sweet treat for only 160 calories.

ice cream

Current Motivational Quote:

I’m really finding my passion for running! I love the way it makes me feel.





Currently: May

Currently: May

Some of the blogs that I follow have this cool post where they Currently tell you what they are enjoying that month. I was naming my post What I’m Loving, but I like Currently better.

Current Book:

I shared with you guys back in March that was going to be reading a book call 150 Pounds, but I wasn’t enjoying the book. I had to let it go and hopefully find a new book, b/c I miss reading. I went to Target and I found  Robin Roberts new book. I’m enjoying the book, she is so inspiring and motivating. She has so much fight in her!!

Current Tunes:

I have two songs that I’m loving this month Rascal Flatts Rewind and Love and the Outcome King of my Heart.

Current Product Find: 

I love popcorn, but I really love white cheddar popcorn. When I found this Target I almost did a happy dance in the middle of the aisle, its only 60 calories per cup.When I go to the movies, I will be carrying my big bag.

Current Favorite Show: 

I love this show and I want season 1 and season 2 for my birthday, which is coming up pretty soon.

Current Food:

I’m loving salads and oatmeal a lot lately. I have been finding some awesome recipes for overnight oatmeal and I’m getting really creative with my salads. I think the reason I have been enjoying them so much is b/c they are both really easy and fulfilling. 

Current Drink: 

My current drink is water and more water. I do have a glass of tea with dinner every night.

Current Outfit:

I don’t really have an outfit, but I look forward to going shopping with my sister when I get to my goal weight. Currently I’m just opening my closet door and finding clothes that I couldn’t wear, which is like new clothes for me. 

Current Indulgence:

Anything chocolate completes me! I love the new weight watcher peanut butter brownie bliss. They are so good, but I can’t have them in my house or anywhere near me b/c they are that good. I have no self control when it comes to CHOCOLATE.

March Review!

I can’t believe March is almost over, this year is going by so fast. April is coming around the corner fast and I’m hoping warm weather comes to Virginia. I have been exploring other blogs to see and get the feel of how to express and share my journey in a fun and unique way with all of you.

I’m going to share some of things that I have been enjoying on my journey and what motivates me.

This weeks weight loss is -2 pounds

Total weight loss 24.2

What I’m loving!

Loving Britt Nicole:

My sister introduced me to Britt Nicole way back and I just love her music. Currently this one song she sings I keep playing b/c the song hits close to home with me. My sister dedicated the song to me and I just love it. My sister has this way of picking the right song. The song that I’m currently loving this month is “Still that Girl”.

My favorite Apps:

My favorite apps this month are The Hungry Girl Diet App and Skinny Mom App. These two apps are AWESOME and I highly recommend you downloading them ASAP.

The Hungry Girl App goes with her new book called The Hungry Girl Diet. The app provides a shopping list, calendar, and items that she has recommend in her book to help you lose 10 pounds in 4 weeks. I have been a big fan of Hungry Girl since I saw an article about her on Weight Watchers website. She provides awesome and healthy recipes so that you don’t have to give up the food you love. [singlepic id=17 w=320 h=240 float=center]

The Skinny Mom app is fabulous! The app provides so many things and you can save them to your favorites, but you have sign up on her site. The Skinny mom app provides awesome and healthy recipes, fitness articles, health articles, life style articles, and so much more. I just love it b/c when I’m out or at work and I want to make something different, I pull up this app on my phone b/c it provides so much information right in the palm of hand.

[singlepic id=16 w=320 h=240 float=center]

My favorite Meal & Dessert:

I made so many awesome recipes in the month of March, so this is going to be hard. My favorite meal this month would have to be the Easy Bubble Up Enchilada Casserole from Kelly at No Thanks to Cake.  Its really easy to make and so very good. Check out her site to follow her journey and get some awesome recipes.

My favorite dessert isn’t healthy and I know that’s bad to say, but I don’t think its wrong to have a treat. I made these awesome Guinness Fudge Cupcakes with Bailey Irish Cream for St. Patrick’s Day. They were delicious!!

My Favorite Blog for the month of March:

I have so many blogs that I love and that have been helping me through my journey. Its great see other people on their journey b/c it’s encouraging and motivating.

I can’t just pick one blog so I chose to pick two

SkinnyMom is a fabulous site, she provide so much helpful information. I could stay on her site forever and when I found out she had an app I was on my phone a lot looking up recipes and articles. The site is FABULOUS!

I don’t want to say I’m a stalker just a very loyal fan. I love her site and I have mentioned her so many times b/c she is that great. Kelly from No Thanks to Cake is FABULOUS and she too provides so many helpful things too. What I really love about Kelly is that she has bad days, but she doesn’t let those bad days take her down. I love reading about her journey!

My Favorite Quote for the month of March: