My 60 Day Journey with Shaun T!

My 60 Day Journey with Shaun T!

In January I brought a challenge pack from Beachbody and it changed by life. I brought Shaun T’s T25 Focus DVD workout and Chocolate Shakelology. I have tons and tons of workout dvds that I would buy then sale or never use. This 60 day challenge was big for me and even though it was 25 minutes a day I’m not the type of person to stick with something. I would start something and then I would never finish and that goes for everything.

When I went into this I prayed and thank God every day for pushing me and reminding me why I started this journey. I don’t want to start my New Year doing another Weight Loss Resolution, I want to be able to start 2015 with new goals.  I had hard time seeing and feeling that I was worth the time, but I am worth the time. My 8 year old sees me each day and I want to set a good example for him. My son needs me and I was close to death, at 257 pounds I was making an early grave.

Before I started this journey January 1st, my meals would be sugar. I would go to Chick Fil A, Taco Bell, Chipotle multiple times, that’s sick. Below would be my normal day. I didn’t want to share, but God has laid it on my heart to share fully and honestly about journey.

Morning: McDonalds or Chick Fil A ( SODA early in the morning)

Lunch: Fast food and more soda and I would also go by Walgreen to pick up two bottles of soda so I can have one after lunch and one for home. I would also pick up chocolate and if it was by 3 for $5 I would do it. The sad thing is I would eat all the chocolate before getting home.

Dinner: Fast Food or I would make something at home that wasn’t healthy, but majority of the time it was fast food.

I would feel dizzy and tired all the time and sometimes my heart would beat fast for no reason. I ate b/c it was my drug, I ate b/c it made me feel better, I ate b/c I didn’t love myself, I ate b/c I was holding on to the past, I ate b/c I felt broken.  As a woman of God I needed him, but I used food to heal my pain. When I finally realized that I needed to put God at the front lines everything fell into place. I still struggle, this is an addiction and there is no overnight recovery. I will be going head to head with this addiction each day, but now I have God at the front lines fighting for me. Exercising is hard, eating healthy is hard, but everything in life is hard. God told me to document my journey so that I can help others and I pray that my journey encourages and motivates you. You can do it! You are WORTH IT and You are LOVED!

I started my journey in February with T25 and unfortunately my measurements were not taken correctly by my mom, so I didn’t continue with taking the measurements. As of today I have lost 17 pounds from using T25, but my total weight lost from January 1st to now is 27 pounds.  

Every small step toward a healthier future is one step closer to your goal. There will be days that you don’t want to eat healthy, but that’s ok just remember why you started and go harder the next day.


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