First Week of April

First Week of April

Let me just say that Spring has finally arrived in VA!!!

The first week of April wasnt my best, but it wasnt my worse.  I missed one workout last week and my eating habits were not really good. I didnt track what I was eating at all last week.

This weeks weight loss is -0 pounds

Total weight loss 24.2

I’m happy to say I didnt gain anything, but a little sad I didnt lose anything. My goal for my birthday is to be in the low 200’s and I know I can get there, I just need to recapture my focus.

I did take a before and after photo and I do see a difference which makes me really happy. I started T25 February 1st and I completed Alpha and now I’m working on Beta. I’m on week 4 of Beta and then I will be on week 5 which is the last week. I have lost 20 pounds since starting T25. Thank you Shaun T for making such and awesome workout. My goal is to restart the program in July and I will be doing Alpha, Beta, and Gamma.

I was suppose to start running last week, but that didnt go as planned. I had a rough week last week, but its ok I’m going to keep moving forward.

My son Isiah started soccer and he did great at his first game. He has practices on Fridays, so my goal is to run Fridays at the park while he is with his coach. I want to get 3 to 4 runs in a week plus do my T25 workouts. I know that T25 is coming to an end soon, so I will be trying a new workout from FIRM and its 30 mintues a day plus my running.

I feel I have my exercise down, but my eating needs to be revamped. I really need to put more veggies into my diet and plan a little better. I’m seeing what areas I need to improve on and I’m working on it. I didnt start this journey as an expert in fitness and nutrition. As the days and months go by I’m learning what works and what doesnt work for me.

I see myself at 145 starting in 2015. I picture myself being at my goal weight making new goals and weight loss isnt going to be one of them. Of course I have to learn to maintain my goal weight, but just to be able to start a new year with no regrets is going to feel AWESOME.

On Saturday I did my two workouts and cleaned up and then on Sunday I went on a beautiful hike with some great ladies. The women’s ministry will be doing a hike each month so that everyone can enjoy the beauty of VA. My sister and I are planning to go back to WhiteOak and do the full hike and its about 8 miles. We usually do a 2 mile hike up to the waterfalls, but the trail goes farther so I’m looking forward to being challenged. I think I will use WhiteOak as my teacher this summer, so when fall comes I will be ready for Old Rag.

When I first went to Old Rag I wasnt ready one bit. I cried and cried and wanted to get off that mountain. It was really hard, but I felt good after I got off b/c at 215 I climed a BIG Moutain. The mountain pushed me to my limits and my goal is to beat my time from the last time I went. I know I can do it and I’m going to train myself, so when I go the mountain will be eating my dust.


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