Stop Wishing for a Healthier Body!

 I was reading a bunch of Devotionals from my IDisciple app on my phone. I needed to read something that focused on eating healthy, addiction, and anything else related to this battle.

One of the devotionals was from Lysa Terkeurst and Shana Schutte and it has stuck with me. Since it’s now spring time, but I don’t think the weather knows its spring time. Many people start to plant gardens during this time. In the devotion Shana wrote that she received a “do-it-yourself’ kit for growing a plant. The kit gives Shana step by step directions on what to do to make sure her plant grows. She said; what if I don’t water my plant, but instead wish it to grow. She continues to say what if I pray each night and meditate on my new plant to grow without taking the time give it the water that it needs. The plant isn’t going to grow on prayer or wishful thinking and the same goes to getting healthy. We can pray each night for a better body, but if we don’t give our bodies the nourishment it needs the praying alone will not work.

Lysa goes on to say that she took a shortcut while outside and notice a man planting a flower garden. It was a really pretty garden and Lysa wished she had a garden just like his. The man has a beautiful garden b/c he invested his time and energy in the garden to make it grow. He didn’t wake up one morning and find a beautiful garden outside his house blooming with all types of flowers. He worked at it and sacrificed for it. He worked each day, row after row, seed by seed, and plant by plant. It took time, patience, sweat, commitment, and determination before he ever saw any fruit from his labor. Lysa said that she looked at the mans garden and wished for her own, without thinking of all the work that gone into the garden.  She wanted the garden, but didn’t want to do the work to get the flowers.

We look at certain things in life that way, we want something but we don’t want to put in the work. She said not only did she want a garden, but she also wanted a thinner body for years. She wanted a thinner body, but she didn’t want to change her eating habits. She kept making excuses on why she couldn’t loose the weight. We do this! We find certain things that will discourage us from believing that we can. We don’t want to put in the work, so we give up. No matter what you want in life, if that’s a thinner body, a beautiful garden remember that a man ‘REAPS WHAT HE SOWS” (Galatians 6:7).

 I really enjoyed this devotional and it just sticks with me b/c it reminds me that no matter what I want in life I have to be determined, committed, pray, and meditate so that my garden grows. I have work hard each day to have a healthier and strong body. There will be days that you won’t have any strength, but you have to remember that flower doesn’t bloom overnight.

Don’t wish for a better and healthier body, be Committed, be Determined, be Strong, pray, and meditate for a healthier and better body!


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