Weekend Fun!!!

I had a wonderful weekend with my sister Shannon. Her birthday was on Saturday and we went out of town to celebrate. We went to New Jersey, New York, and Boston all in one weekend. It’s always great to spend time with her, she’s by best friend and we just laugh all the time. She had me laughing so hard in the car on our way back that I spit my tea out all over the window. We made so many memories this past weekend that I will cherish forever.

We went to the WTC Memorial in New York and it was so beautiful. Then we went to New Jersey to Carlo’s Bakery and I have no words for that place.  We drove to Boston to go to Alma Nove and Wahlburgers.  I’m totally in love with the show and the Wahlberg men.

We arrived in New Jersey and had dinner at the hotel we stayed at. We got up Saturday morning and we headed to New York. I haven’t been to New York since I was in high school, so this was going to be fun. We got on the Path train and everyone kept coming into our door and it was so packed. Everyone was touching everyone, people were to dang close to me, too close. We walked about 20 plus miles that day and it was a beautiful day.

The memorial was so beautiful and so very emotional. There was this church that stood after the two buildings fell, but it should have collapsed. They used the church as a place to go to rest and they held supplies there to help them. It’s called the “The Little Chapel that Stood”.  The name of the church is called St. Paul’s Chapel. If you haven’t gone, I highly recommend going.

Then after our little day in New York we headed back to New Jersey to go to Carlo’s Bakery aka the “Cake Boss” I truly don’t have any nice words about this place. It was a fun experience b/c I was with my sister, but don’t waste your time going. The service was horrible and the cupcakes we got were so dry.

Our last stop was Boston and the drive to Boston was hilarious b/c I had to drive in New York. Frightening and Funny!! We arrived at our hotel in Boston and it was really nice.  I love Donnie and Mark Wahlberg, but now I really love Paul. He is my favorite Wahlberg! We went to Alma Nove for lunch which is their mothers restaurant, the service there was wonderful. Our waitress was extremely nice.  Paul Wahlberg came over and wished my sister a Happy Birthday and they even brought her out a piece of cake.  Paul is just like he is on TV, love him. We waited till about 5 to have dinner at Wahlburgers and again the service there was awesome and the food was really good.  LOVED IT!!!

The weekend was amazing and I’m so happy that I could do it with my sister!!!


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