End of Week 4: The Impossible!

This week I did really good! I did 5 days of T25 and I can’t believe I’m starting week 5 tomorrow. I just did a workout with my sister tonight on my rest day. Before I did the workout I just wanted to go to bed, but now I’m awake. I feel that working out is becoming my new caffeine! Even though I’m going into week 5 and still doing some of the modifications, I feel really proud of myself. The last four weeks I’m seeing a new me!

It was very emotional this morning at church b/c my pastor was talking about the “Impossible Odds”.  He said that “FAITH IS STEPPING FORWARD WHILE FEAR REMAINS”.  I have fears of failing, giving up, and hitting a plateau. I’m losing weight each week, but I know that a plateau will hit me like a brick wall. My faith in God is growing strong during this journey and I know that no matter what I will be stepping forward in Faith even though I have fears. If you asked me last year if I could do T25, I would have probably laughed in your face or just blown you off.

I have tons of workout DVD’s and I always told myself that I would work out each day, but I never did. I’m going on WEEK 5!I’m going head to head with the IMPOSSIBLE and making it POSSIBLE. I’m getting stronger each day. My pastor said that God takes your past struggles and weaknesses to empower others. God is taking my past struggles and weaknesses to show others who have experienced that same defeat that anything is POSSIBLE with God.  God is building up something great for my life. I give him all the GLORY b/c if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be where I am right now.

As I mentioned my mom didn’t take my measurements accurately. I had my friend at church take them for me, so I’m going to take the measurements from today as my starting point.

Thighs: 27

Waist: 45

Chest: 44

Arm: 14 1/2

This weeks weight loss is -2.8 pounds

Total weight loss 18.6


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