Made to Crave Devotional Day 1-3

I just love Lysa Terkeurst!

We need to remember that we are made for more than this constant battle and the battle could be anything. My battle is food, I have made food an idol. I have always started a New Years Resolution then a couple of weeks would pass and I would fail.  January 1st, 2014 was different, this is my journey to grow closer to God and to discover reason to love my body. I have always started things and never finished them, but I have hope, faith, support, and love from everyone around me. I know this journey will be hard, but I know its God challenging me, pushing me b/c he knows how strong I am. He wants me to see that I’m Beautifully Made and Loved By Him.

Day 2 of Made to Crave Devotional, she says ” I need spiritual motivation to step in where my physical determination fall short”.  I know when I don’t want to get up and workout or I would rather have some Oreo’s I need spiritual guidance. I know each morning the Lord is helping me and pushing me out of bed to workout. I always hear its just 25minutes Amanda so get up. 

Day 3 of Made to Crave of Devotional is my favorite b/c WE NEED TO NOT OBEY THE NUMBER ON THE SCALE, BUT HOW FAR WE HAVE GONE. Peter and the other apostles replied:” We must obey God rather than human beings!”

Don’t Define yourself by the number on the scale or any other human value, be obedient to God each day.

I went to the store a couple of weeks, hoping I would have dropped a pants size and I didn’t. It disturbed me, but I’m not going to let the number on the pants define me. I’m really proud of myself.

Don’t get discourage! You can do this 🙂


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