End of Week 3: Hungry

This week my eating wasn’t at its best, but it wasn’t horrible. I’m not really sure what happen, but I’m not going to beat myself for having too many Oreos. Those who know me know that I love Roseanne. I love her earlier episodes of her show, so the video is how I felt this past week.  It’s a little long about 8mins, but its worth it. I’m always reflecting my life to episodes of Roseanne.

Roseanne on Youtube

My arch in my left foot has been hurting, which has caused a lot of frustration because I feel I can’t put my all in my workout. I went to the Running Store, made a few calls, and spoke to a friend and I finally got a new pair of shoes. I had to order them online because the store didn’t have the kind I needed. My new shoes are Altra Provision 1.5, extra cushion and the bottom of the shoes are flat. I’m super excited to get them in the mail, but in the meantime I will be working out with no shoes on.

Today was weigh day!!!

This Week’s Weight Loss: – 1.4

Total Weight Loss: 15.8


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